Our Team

Brenda Mosley

President of Fortitude Creative Agency and Fortitude Taxes.she has a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and International Communications. She also holds various Certifications as a Tax Advisor and Professional with a commitment to staying compliant with tax laws through continued AFTR tax courses.

Claire Floyd

Senior Public Relations Specialist at FCA responsible for fostering strong and lasting business relationships. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Public Relations and Political Science.

Ethan Savette

Tax Management Director at FT, Ethan’s work has been featured in FT publications as pioneer in tax planning strategies at the firm

From left to right: Margaret Opolot,BOD of FCA,writer and author of Through The Fire, CEO of Beauty 4 Ashes Uganda, and former Executive Assistant at UNICEF.Left: Brenda Mosley, President and Founder of Fortitude Creative Agency and Fortitude Taxes, Member of National Association of Tax Professionals, and proud member of WOSB(Women-Owned Small Business) division of U.S Small Business Administration.

Chip Lowe, BOD of FCA, and public Relations consultant.In addition to his role at FCA, Chip is also a Communications Specialist with Technology and travel expertise. His the Managing Director at Flowe Communications.