Children Tax Education Project:CTEP

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CTEP Simplifies the complex world of tax planning and management Using methods that are easy to grasp for your teenage children. The lessons will prepare them for real-world scenarios with the hope of creating a great understanding of how healthy financial choices and tax planning lead to a better life in the future they will be entering soon.

By giving children a head start to understanding how the world around them works, we’re empowering them to have a better start than we may have had.CTEP is a beginning of many possibilities.


Understanding Federal Taxation

We need to teach our children history for them to understand the issues.” Femi Kuti

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Understanding why something is important is the core essence of our decision making. It helps us put in more effort, time and will. Children are not any different. Before bombarding them with information, understanding why, will encourage them to want to learn. That’s why this lesson session covers topics such as:

A. Brief History of Taxes

B. Why We Pay Taxes?

c. Why Learn About Taxes? etc

Tax Planning

“Planning is bringing the future into the present.”Alan Lakein

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The session helps the teens to understand why we need to plan for the tax year out come during the year. We use interactive games, competition and real-world scenarios to help them grasp the concept. Some of the topics covered:

A. Kiddie tax

B.I Have A Dream: Own My Business

C. Credits/ deductions

E. Education etc.

Children Saving and Investing.

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Let’s build something great together.

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